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「幸せはいつも自分の心が決める」 - 相田みつを

5 October
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Marisa. Female. Thirty-something. Aro/Ace. Enby (AFAB, she/her/they/them). Ravenclaw. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Underachiever.

Writes zines. Loves cats. Adores snail mail, especially in the form of postcards. Enjoys D&D. Listens to lots of indiepop, riotgrrrl/queercore, jazz standards, show tunes, and Japanese pop/rock. Obsessed with Arashi. Collects Blythe dolls and likes dolls in general. Likes girly things, but not really girly by nature. Reads plenty of books, especially those in the YA, Fantasy and Sci-Fi categories. Obsessed with myth, fairy tales, and folklore. And intersectional feminism. Works in a bookstore. MA in English Studies (which is really what my school classifies Comparative Literature as). Also makes a lot of playlists, and spends TV time watching Netflix or re-runs of Buffy, Firefly, Avatar: the Last Airbender, or Arashi's variety shows and dramas.

Almost all entries are friends-locked, except for general lists that point to posts I made elsewhere, since I also have a penchant of starting many blogs and updating them randomly. I also have a Dreamwidth here, although I usually forget to cross-post stuff.

Feel free to add me if you want to, and comment if you'd like me to add you back.

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